Do you wanna be friends?

Her Ghost Friend

おのしのぶ (詩と絵と歌)
DJ Obake (音楽とか)

2011年9月、1stアルバム『Her Ghost Friend』をリリース。

2012年7月、2ndアルバム『Looking for Wonder』をリリース。
同アルバムがMTV 81の「Must Have J-POP 2012」に選出される。

同年11月、トラックメーカーであるDJ Obakeが初のソロ作品『Q』をリリース。

2014年12月、DJ Obakeが2ndアルバム『H』をリリース。

2015年6月、ニンテンドー3DS用『太鼓の達人どんとかつの時空大冒険』(バンダイナムコゲームス)に、書下ろし曲「ぷるぷるしんぷる」を提供。同年7月、主催レーベル『惑星』を立ち上げる。谷本早也歌のデビューアルバム『まほうのおんがく』をプロデュースした。また同時期、NHK Eテレ朝の子ども向け番組「シャキーン!」にて、MCめいちゃんのデビュー曲を作曲。





Her Ghost Friend
(hereinafter “HGF”)

Fancy electron pop unit. There are two members.
Shinobu Ono (poetry, picture and song)
DJ Obake (music and so on)

In September 2011, HGF released the first album “Her Ghost Friend”.
Participate in Shibukaru Festival sponsored by Shibuya Parco in various ways from 2011 to 2016.

In July 2012, 2nd album “Looking for Wonder” was released.
This album will be selected as “Must Have J-POP 2012” of MTV 81.

In April 2013, it recurred with the 1st album as a remastering board.
In July of the same year, a deluxe mini album “Love Planet, Endless Story” was released.
In November of the same year, truck maker DJ Obake released his first solo work “Q”.

In December 2014, DJ Obake released 2nd album “H”.

In June 2015, for the Nintendo 3DS, “Taiko no Tatsujin Densetsu Dense Space Adventure” (Bandai Namco Games), a written song “Purupuru Shinpuru” is offered. In July of the same year, launch a sponsored label “wakusei”. Produced the debut album “Mahou no Ongaku” by Sayaka Tanimoto. In addition, at the same time, composing MC Mei’s debut songs on NHK E Tv’s children’s program “Shakiin!”

In January 2016, HGF participated in The Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo’s exhibition “TOKYO”. As a collaboration with a French artist, Saadane Afif, do live. Seven songs written down for the collaboration have since been released as an analog record from his label.
In July of the same year, 3rd album “I love the world with you” released.
Shinobu’s first solo exhibition “Waiting for you in the sea of ​​stardust” is held.
In October of the same year, HGF appeared in Japan’s pop culture event “ANI: ME” to be held in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates.